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The life I've Created
Airbnb & Me


Real estate has always been a good investment but in today’s world, where people have more money than ever before and travel is easy and accessible, it is easier and more profitable than ever. The rise of Airbnb is at the forefront of this huge increase and short stays or longer vacations are simpler to organize and more affordable than ever. So why not make the investment for yourself?

Inside Airbnb & Me, you can learn how to create a passive income stream which will allow you to travel and work from anywhere in the world, with chapters that cover:

  • How Airbnb works

  • Making money through it

  • Costs and taxes

  • Researching cities and areas

  • House preparation

  • Setting rules for guests

  • Advertising and marketing strategies

  • Day to day running of your property

  • And more…

With Airbnb you could be running your own vacation properties too, escaping from financial imprisonment and perhaps earning a significant income as you build up a portfolio of them.

Imagine that? Freedom to live your life where you want, while still making a living from your investments.

It can be done and Airbnb & Me will show you how.

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For the dreamers who lay awake at night wondering about their life’s purpose... For young women who are afraid to push forward... For struggling people who want to do more than what is expected of them... This is my story, complete with all of my flaws, blemishes, joys, failures and successes. Deeply moving and heart wrenching, The Life I’ve Created is one woman’s tale about how it does not matter where you’re born or who your parents are: all that matters is your willingness to fight. If you want to know how to make a business from nothing, what love looks like within the ugly realities of the world, how traveling can change your perspective, and how to form your identity from uncertainty, then this is the book for you.

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